Who Really Wins Under Joe Straus?

According to a recent analysis, Democrats are increasingly winning when it comes to legislative success in Austin.  But why?

“…nearly HALF of all the bills enacted into law in the great Republican, red state of Texas were authored or co-authored by Democrats.  You may be asking yourself, how is this possible? How can Democrats who are the substantial minority, 95-55 in the House and 19-12 in the Senate, get so many bills passed?

That seems like a great question, doesn’t it!?!  Certainly the way the Texas Legislature is organized and managed, the minority party has more influence than you might think.  Especially in the Senate, where a “21 vote rule” requires the support of at least a few Democrats to advance legislation, so you would expect SOME horse-trading to happen in order to get things through the Senate.

But over in the House, the process works entirely different — the Speaker and his leadership team control the entire agenda — and as we have seen, they frequently kill great conservative legislation.  So what bills DO pass the House, and more importantly, how does this happen?

“One explanation would be Democrat-friendly leadership within the House. As shown in the graph, only 39% of the bills coming out of the Senate were Democrat-written or co-written, but 51% of the laws sent to the governor’s desk from the House were Democrat-written or co-written. This means the MINORITY party in the House, outnumbered by nearly 2-1, was the MAJORITY when it came to laws passed. How can this be? There is one probable answer: Speaker of the House Joe Straus.

The complete article provides additional detail and analysis about the staggering amount of success the Democrats have enjoyed during the last legislative session.

Across the state, Democrats are waging an all out war to turn Texas blue… but if we look closely, it is clear that we need to worry just as much — if not more  — about those who are so comfortable in “purple.”  Bipartisanship is one thing, but when you give the opposing side 5 yards on every down, you’ll rarely win football games.

The numbers don’t lie. In Texas, it’s easier for a Democrat to pass legislation through the State House.  This is why conservatives are so frustrated with the lack of conviction coming out of Austin.  What is the point to having a near-super majority of Republicans in the Texas House if you can’t make a positive impact on Texas through the passage of conservative legislation?

Joe Straus campaigns as one thing in District 121, but a peek behind the curtain makes one thing very clear: he’s far too comfortable enabling the success of radical Democrats and liberal Republicans.

This failure of conservative leadership has resulted in record levels of spending, and conservative solution after conservative soluton being killed in committee.

This must stop. Now.

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