Straus Walks Back Prop 6 Promises

Joe Straus is already walking back the promises he made to voters across that State that the recently passed $2B Proposition 6 would “fully implement” the state water plan.  Yesterday in a San Antonio Express News Editorial Board interview, Straus was forced to admit that it may only “help”.

Voters overwhelmingly want the Texas Legislature to secure water infrastructure for future generations, but the dishonest marketing that surrounded Prop 6 was outrageous and is now proving embarassing to the Speaker. 

A recording of the comments was released by the Beebe campaign, with Beebe saying, “Joe Straus spent millions of dollars telling Texans that Prop 6 would ‘fully implement’ the state water plan, that passage would ‘ensure a sustainable water supply’, and guaranteed that ‘Proposition 6 will establish a long term water supply.’  With his back against the wall, he finally admitted that he sold Texans a false story.”

To this day, his Water PAC website continues to publish the false claims about Prop 6.

A short recap of the interview is available at the San Antonio Express News website.

A press release from the campaign is available here.

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