Joe Straus Will Not Lead on Pro-Life Issues

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer, where millions of Americans included in their earnest prayers petitions to end abortion in America.  Today we awaken to news that Joe Straus is “flip-flopping” on his long-held pro-abortion views.  Was Joe’s “election road conversion” the effectiveness of prayer, or political calculation?

I think the voters of District 121 know the truth.  Never in his political life has Joe made a personal, public expression of his views on where the sanctity of life intersects with the myriad of issues likely before the House in the next session.   In fact, his own words show him to be clearly pro-choice.  My early and broad support across the district caused Joe Straus to get out and start listening to voters – clearly he now understands that voters in District 121 are overwhelmingly pro-life.

Unfortunately for Joe, the voters know the difference between campaign rhetoric and core values.  For many years I have been a quiet, faithful advocate for life.  We’ve given generously to the pro-life cause, and I’ve already demonstrated a willingness to passionately advocate for the entire spectrum of pro-life issues.  Joe now adopts some anti-abortion rhetoric, but has yet to renounce his prior support for third trimester abortions, co-authoring an embryonic stem cell research bill, and accepting money and receiving praise from Planned Parenthood.

Now we learn that some Pro-Life “leaders” – consider him a friend to their agendas.  While I’m an absolutist in my belief in the sanctity of life and the important role Government has in protecting it, I understand progress sometimes requires strategic compromises.

To the shame of these individual leaders, they are not compromising, but they are capitulating.  Past performance is the best indicator of future results – aside from getting out of the way when a ground-swell of conservative activists forced great progress on life issues in the last session, Joe has not, and will not lead on pro-life issues.

A press-release quietly dropped as we head into a weekend, with no mention of it through Straus’ web or social media outlets isn’t the kind of pro-life “leadership” voters in District 121 want.  Fortunately they don’t have to settle for a mushy-moderate anymore, and as I’ve heard from thousands of voters across the district, they don’t intend to.

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