Happy Anniversary

Today is my 17th wedding anniversary. Anniversaries are nice, because they give us occasion to reflect on the joyful and blessed day when we promised to love, honor, and cherish our spouse in front of our family, friends, and most importantly – God.

That was seventeen years ago today for Matt and I, and I can honestly say our love is stronger and more special now. So, as Matt and I take a very quick break from the campaign trail to celebrate this occasion, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you the Matt I know, the Matt I find so special, indeed – the REAL Matt Beebe.

I believe a man’s true character is what will ultimately shine through in tough situations, which is what modern day service in the Legislature is day after day.

I think I can sum much of Matt’s character up in two words – committed and principled. I’m so grateful to his commitment to our family – me, our two beautiful children, and our extended family. Matt is a family man, no doubt. Our marriage has had its ups and downs like all marriages, and I can honestly say that Matt’s commitment to our joint covenant before God has always been central to bringing us through tough times.

Similarly, he is extremely committed to our children – not just providing for them, but raising them in a way that we pray will yield honorable men and women in our society. All of this, and much more, fundamentally rests on Matt’s commitment to principle.

As all his friends and family know, Matt is a man of principle and he does not flinch in the face of challenge. He will stand up for his principles and is firmly committed to doing what is right. Give Matt the opportunity to do something on principle, or to defend key principles, and you will see true, driving passion.

You will not find a harder working, principled civil servant than Matt. He will research issues like none you know. He will intellectually and prayerfully consider his votes. He will not sit on the fence. He will listen and consider. He will decide and act. While I might still be anxious about “sending” him do Austin while the Legislature is in session, I couldn’t be more proud and honored to share him with you.

So, I hope you vote for my husband. He truly is a great guy, with whom God generously blessed me, and whom I firmly believe God is calling to represent the great citizens of House District 121.

With love,

PS: Early voting is going on now, and the Primary is May 29th. If you have already voted for my husband, thank you! Please multiply your vote by encouraging your friends and family to do so as well – this election will be about turn-out, and every vote will be needed. If you haven’t, PLEASE get out and vote!

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