DeTAXification and Limited Government

Several weeks back a shortened version of this article appeared in the San Antonio ExpressNews Letters to the Editor section.  I think the complete letter is worth the read. Let me know your thoughts.

I was surprised to see Mr. Chasnoff’s article from Thursday’s Metro Section reported under news and not the opinion section of your newspaper. Since it was dripping with opinion, I’d like to offer the following in response for the consideration of your readers:

Mr. Chasnoff’s article “Doubting Beebe ‘ordinary citizens’ allegiance” published Thursday was another lesson in missing the point. TEA partiers continue to be portrayed by the media as embracing conflicting ideals that cannot coexist. This caricature continues to be painted by those who have no clue what principles drive us. Unfortunately, Mr. Chasnoff shows his own inability to discern the true motives of TEA party affiliated activists.

The idea that conservatives sometime advocate for positions that appear to be against our own best interests in the short term is exactly the point. Like the loving interventionist, we step in with tough love to push the junkie into a detox program.

Yes, detox is painful for the junkie. Likewise, a systematic deTAXification program may be painful for those who have gotten addicted to the quick-fix and easy high of deficit spending. But the only way to love an addict through recovery is to insist upon detox. With a national debt nearing $16 Trillion, and Texas municipal and school district debt nearing $200 Billion – likely more than $300 Billion after interest payments – we must love our government into a recovery program.

Texas may only be a “recreational user” of deficit spending at this point, but the voice of fiscal conservatism remains strong and clear – we must stop spending beyond our means. The residents of District 121 want to see a leader in the legislature that will insist upon honest dialog and an end to the budget games and gimmicks.

The reality is the “Enron Accounting” Joe Straus defends cloaks significant structural problems and carries forward billions in unpaid liabilities by calling actual deficits “underfunded” programs. When pressed, he throws the Texas Comptroller under the bus, saying she certified the budget as balanced. I recall Ken Lay attempted to hide behind Jeffery Skilling and Andrew Fastow too.

Finally, Mr. Chasnoff’s article erroneously comports support for two federal “entitlement” programs as evidence suggesting there isn’t broad support for reducing the scope and breadth of the Texas government. Likewise, his swipe at FreedomWorks is predicated upon a logical fallacy of correlation implying causation – the endorsement from Mr. Armey came after my campaign had already developed significant momentum and FreedomWorks was urged by their San Antonio members to get involved. Either Mr. Chasnoff is misinformed or intentionally obscuring the facts.

Matt Beebe is a candidate for Texas House of Representatives in District 121, seeking to serve the residents of North-East-Central Bexar County. His website is at

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